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Bottle Coaster ECLIPSE


The bottle coaster "ECLIPSE" is inspired by the image of the gradual return of radiance from the dark night of a lunar eclipse.  

The metal frame and water-absorbent material overlap perfectly, enhancing the beauty of the bottle with a subtle glow.  The simple design allows beauty and functionality to coexist, making it a great addition to any table.



GOLD :10,000 yen(11,000 yen Tax included)

SILVER: 8,000 yen(8,800 yen Tax included)

Bottle Coaster ECLIPSE

  • Materials:

    [GOLD] Brass, Vermiculite, Diatomite

    [SILVER] Aluminum, Vermiculite, Diatomite

    Dimensions(mm): φ124×H8mm

    Weight (g):

    [GOLD] 335g, [SILVER] 145g

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