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Guinomi Sake Cup WAN Kurourushi


Stylish and unique sake cup made of a combination of wood and metal. Kurourushi" is a luxurious series with wiped lacquer applied to the wooden cup and a delicate maki-e lacquer coating on the rim adding a touch of luster.

WAN" is designed with a motif of a Japanese bowl, which is indispensable for Japanese cuisine. The soft curves of the bowl give it a graceful appearance. Enjoy the fragrant aroma of ginjo-shu just as the steam filled with the aroma of dashi (Japanese soup stock) rises from the bowl.



TURQUOISE BLUE/MISTY SILVER 12,000 yen(13,200 yen Tax included)

BENGARA RED 9,000 yen(9,900 yen Tax included)

WAN Kurourushi

  • Materials: Natural wood, Brass

    Dimensions: (mm): φ60×H50mm

    Weight (g): 45g

    Volume (ml): 55ml

    Surface Protections: Japanese lacquer

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