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Guinomi Sake CUP FUJI Kurourushi


Stylish and unique sake cup made of a combination of wood and metal. Kurourushi" is a luxurious series with wiped lacquer applied to the wooden cup and a delicate maki-e lacquer coating on the rim adding a touch of luster.

FUJI" is based on the motif of Japan's world-famous Mt.

Fuji, with its beautifully proportioned and broadened shape. Its magnificence continues to capture the hearts of people regardless of time. The beautiful proportions of Mt. Fuji, which look as if they have been copied upside down, are made possible by the heavy brass base. Enjoy your favorite cold sake with a comforting weight.



TURQUOISE BLUE/MISTY SILVER 12,000 yen(13,200 yen Tax included)

BENGARA RED 9,000 yen(9,900 yen Tax included) 

FUJI Kurourushi

  • Materials: Natural wood, Brass

    Dimensions (mm): φ70×H50mm

    Weight (g): 45g

    Volume (ml): 40ml

    Surface Protections: Japanese lacquer

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