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Cup SHIRO SWING Kurourushi


The unique presence created by the two different materials is truly one-of-a-kind. While the wood touching the lips has a soft warmth, the brass at the foot of the cup gives the cup a moderate weight and a pleasant "movement".  "Kurourushi" is a luxurious series with wiped lacquer applied to the wooden cup and a delicate maki-e lacquer coating on the rim adding a touch of luster. The rounded metal serves as the center of gravity and the cup swings as you place your hand on the rounded wooden part and move it as if guided by the bowl.  As the name "SHIRO" Japanese in white suggests, enjoy red wine and your favorite beverage such as iced tea or iced coffee with its mellow aroma.



20,000 yen(22,000 yen Tax included)

SHIRO SWING Kurourushi

  • Materials: Natural wood, Brass

    Dimensions (mm): φ75×H100mm

    Weight (g): 176g

    Volume (ml): 225ml

    Surface Protections: Japanese lacquer

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