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Wine Glass AROWIRL Bordeaux


This unique two-piece glass perfects the subtle art of wine drinking, heightening

your enjoyment and engagement. As you gently set the glass atop the pivot base,

observe the swirl of liquid forming a smooth tidal current. The sensual sway

creates an s-curve designed to perfectly capture and release the aroma for full-body

enjoyment. Experience the beauty of wine like never before with AROWIRL.



12,000 yen(13,200 yen Tax included)

AROWIL Bordeaux

  • Materials:

    [GOLD]Glass, Brass

    [SILVER]Glass, Aluminum

    Dimensions (mm):

    Glass: φ95×H120mm

    Pivot base: φ43×H14mm

    Weight (g):

    Glass: 90g

    Pivot base: [GOLD] 86g, [SILVER] 28g

    Volume (ml): 600ml

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