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SAISHIKI HASHI Rest Kissho Set of 5 types


A good-luck chopstick rest designed to wish very best of luck. The cool shine of tin adds a touch of elegance to the table. This set of five chopstick rests includes "Kissho zukushi-All kinds of auspicious motif", "Koma-Spinning top", "Suzu-Bell", "Namihiri kuruma" and "Hamaya-Amulet arrow" is also useful for guests. Chopstick rests with auspicious motifs are ideal for celebratory meals as well as gifts.


Price 15,000 yen(16,500 yen Tax included)

SAISHIKI HASHI Rest Kissho Set of 5 types

  • Materials: Tin

    Dimensions (mm):

    Kishhodukushi- W53.5×D25.5×H11.5mm

    Koma- W53×D28×H12mm

    Suzu- W52.5×D24×H12mm

    Namikiriguruma- W50×D22×H10.5mm

    Hamaya- W52.5×D25.5×H10.5mm

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