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Wagashi Fork TSURARA with case


A set of "Wagashi Fork TSURARA" and the case.

Inspired by the simple style of a Kuromoji pastry knife, Wagashi fork TSURARA is made of highly corrosion-resistant aluminum.

The handle, which reflects the expression of a sand mold, is plump and gentle on the fingertips, helping to prevent slipping and leading

to a naturally elegant posture. The tip, carefully polished by craftsmen, displays the contrast of the smooth luster unique to metal.

The saya is made of muga silk, which is made from the cocoons of silkworms that spit out golden threads.


Price 4,000 yen(4,400 yen Tax included)

Wagashi Fork TSURARA With case

  • Materials: Aluminum, Silk

    Dimensions (mm): W115×D20×H10mm

    Weight (g): 10g

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