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Decanter AROWIRL fortwo


The AROWIRL Decanter fortwo works its delicious magic on two glasses of wine.

Turning the decanter around the pivot base gently awakens the wine from sleep with an amazingly smooth current.

The wide mouth is designed for easy pouring and washing. The AROWIRL decanter fortwo will bring wine closer

to you, allowing you to fully enjoy what you want to drink at the moment in its best condition.



20,000 yen(22,000 yen Tax included)

Decanter AROWIRL fortwo

  • Materials:

    [GOLD] Glass, Brass

    [SILVER] Glass, Aluminum

    Dimensions: (mm), Weight(g):

    Decanter: φ125×158mm, 144g


    [GOLD] Φ85×H14mm, 168g

    [SILVER] Φ85×H14mm, 58g

    Volume: 1130ml

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